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"At the outset I have to say that I've never read a romance novel. I picked this up thinking I'd put it down again quickly after a cursory scan. Nearly two hours later I was still glued.
This novel has what I guess are the requisite smouldering bits and reckless passion with heavy steam, however, it is really very well plotted and superbly paced. It also digs a little under the backdrop of Africa which is often portrayed in novels as a pretty, exotic - if darkly mysterious - but otherwise neutral canvas. Biting issues for the continent, like poaching, faceless international mining concerns and vulnerable communities played an excellent role in building the narrative and I really enjoyed the back story.
It made me want to go to Africa, and I already live here. I sheepishly admit that I enjoyed the read, and although I'm not rushing out to buy a ton of romance novels, I will seek out more by Audrey Flynn." review by Russel Waters

"Thank you Netgalley for this book . This book was a complete and utterly incredible ride. It is a journey you do not want to miss. I loved the setting. I loved the writing. I loved the tone and the atmosphere of the book. My second fave book of African setting after the Mists of the Serengeti by Leylah Attar."

Good Reads review by Ezhica Denira

"Everything I love about Africa , safaris Rhino conservation and Romance . You don’t get a better combination of American woman meets South African hunk with hot romance from the get go!" review by Janet Cooper

"I really enjoyed being swept away to a hot destination with this book. It's a love story and intrigue blended into a heady mix. The hero has a bit of history and it was nice reading about someone who isn't perfect (and even that turns out to be for all the right reasons). The heroine is pulled out of her everyday life and reconsiders what is really important to her and her future. I loved the part where she got to play a hand in the local community. Highly recommend this book for a lazy afternoon read!" review by Reader X

"Couldn’t put it down - had me transfixed from the moment I started. And who doesn’t like a romance that has the heat of Africa with some global intrigue... Loved it!" review by Louise Usher

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