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Where the Wild Things Are....


 I write wild romance, that is, it is actually set in the wilds of South Africa. I also like to think that in terms of a story, I offer a wild, heady ride to the finish line.


As a South African, the beauty of my country serves as the perfect backdrop for steamy romance. I'm talking passion, action and plenty of danger. As a writer, the wilderness of Africa acts not merely as a setting but as a character in itself. For the landscape and its wild creatures, will serve to challenge the characters and help to transform them, throwing obstacles and opportunity their way.


But the wild spaces of Africa and the animals that inhabit them are increasingly under threat. Trophy hunters take advantage of our weak criminal justice system to hunt rare and  precious wildlife, making the world a smaller and poorer place for us all. Big mining interests threaten sensitive Eco-systems such as the wild coast of the Eastern Cape or the pristine wetlands of northern Kwa Zulu Natal.


The most heartbreaking of all, must be the trade of rhino horn. Our rhino population has been decimated in the past ten years as ruthless Chinese and Thai poaching syndicates have paid off corrupt policemen,

 judges and politicians in order to supply the East with powdered rhino horn, a completely bogus aphrodisiac.


In my novella "My African Craving" I deal with the issues of rhino poaching and mining, in a manner that I believe drives the story. My two protagonists find themselves on different sides to the mining question and I hope that in articulating both standpoints I convey the complexity of this issue. 


I like to call my writing "Safari Romance', and my aim is not to preach to readers but to share the deep love I have for Africa; its people and its wildlife. Hopefully I can awaken the reader to the beauty of this place and encourage them to visit our shores. As  Richard Mullin said : "The only man I  envy is the man who has not yet visited Africa. - for he has so much to look forward to." I agree! Africa has a presence that can grip your soul, and once Africa is in your heart she will stay there.


If you would like any advice on visiting South Africa, and going on safari please feel free to contact me via my website audreyflynnbooks.com. Or if you would like a virtual safari then when not try out my new book, My African Craving


Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07DVBMBJ8


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